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Food Plot Protector Fence

Feed vs. Food Plots

Food Plots Pay – But They Must Be Managed!

Food plots under ideal conditions can produce up
to ten tons per acre. The "average" food plot will
produce 4 tons/acre; giving an actual cost of $31/T,
and an equivalent purchased feed value of $960/acre.

Short video explaining the
Gallagher Food Plot Protector Fence system.

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“On some of our test plots we have measured and weighed as much as TEN TONS per acre. It is really important to keep deer out of Spring and Summer plots… fencing them out is the only way to do it.”

Bobby Cole
Exec VP & COO
Mossy Oak Bio Logic

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Portabel electric fence

installing a portabel electric fence

Food plots need two forms of protection:

  1. Protection from all species during emergence and early growth.
  2. Protection from unwanted species once the plot has reached a harvestable stage.

A Gallagher Food Plot Protector Fence allows you to achieve both forms of protection. The three-dimensional configuration keeps all species (including deer) out of the plot until it is ready for harvest. By removing the outside fence and changing the wire configuration of the inside fence, you will allow deer into the plot while keeping wild hogs and livestock out of the plot!

foodplot electric fence


Food Plot Protector Fence Components
Controls Deer, Hogs & Cattle

Using 7 simple components of a Gallagher Food Plot Protector Fence, you can construct any size and any shaped food plot at ¼ the cost of a high fence! It is portable and reusable for years!

Materials list for a Gallagher Food Plot Protector Fence - PDF Version

  Quantity Needed for Food Plot Size:
Product 1 Acre 3 Acre 5 Acre 15 Acre
FRP48 = 48" FRP Fiberglass Post 56 96 124 216
G704004 = Post Clips 100 200 200 400
G62089 = 2624' Turbo Wire 1 1 2 3
G620544 = 656' Turbo Wire   1    
G623564 = 1312' Turbo Tape 1 1 1 3
G623544 = 656' Turbo Tape   1 1  
XLT8 = Tighteners 6 6 6 12
351A = 3’ T-Ground Rod 1      
655 = Ground Rod Kit   1 1 1
G392SK = B100 Solar Energizer 1 1 1 1
Food plot protector fence configuration
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