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Equine Electric Fencing FAQ

Is power fence safe for horses?
It is one of the safest and effective fences and training tools you can use for horses. It teaches horses to respect all fences, and when properly designed, it will keep dogs and other unwanted animals out of your horse pasture.

How does equine electric fencing compare to traditional fencing?
An equine power fence is designed for maximum visibility and delivers a short, sharp but safe shock to develop respect for the fence. Gallagher EquiFence is permanent horse control that takes less than half the time to build and can cost as much as 50% less.

How do I choose between PolyTape, EquiBraid, and EquiFence?
Each material has unique characteristics, consider which the benefits will work best for your needs.
- PolyTape is easy to install and gives the appearance of a board fence.
- EquiBraid is also easy to install, doesn’t flutter in the wind and has a relatively long life span.
- EquiFence requires more infrastructure to be installed, takes more time to install, but has a very long life, requires very little maintenance and its strength makes is very suitable for perimeter fencing.

How far apart should I place my fence posts for my new horse fence?
Twenty to twenty–five feet works very well. This distance allows the fence to act like a spring rather than like a rigid structure. The benefits of this design are multiple. The fewer the fence posts you have to install, the less labor and expense required.

Secondarily, the impact of a body in motion against a long spring versus a short, rigid structure is considerable less. In the first case, the fence absorbs the impact and pushes back with much less force than a tightly strained, closely spaced fence. The result is little to no injury versus the potential for expensive cuts or lacerations.

How do I properly tighten EquiFence.
Proper bracing of EquiFence is the most crucial component of construction. If the corner or brace assemblies are not built well, the EquiFence will require additional maintenance in order to keep it tight and attractive.

Equine Electric Fencing
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