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Turbo EquiBraid

Product Image: Turbo EquiBraid Features
  • Unique 1/4" braided construction.
  • Contains nine strands of highly conductive mixed-metal filaments to ensure conductivity.
  • Most user-friendly equine product.
  • Highly visible, attractive and easy to install.
  • Resistance:  155 ohms/mile.
  • Best suited for any distance.
  • 656 Ft. (1/8 mile) available in Green #G621754 or White #G62174.
  • 1,312 Ft. (1/4 mile) available in Green #G621774 or White #G62176.

Extra information
Colors: Green or White
Product Code: G62174
Product Variances
G62174656' (1/8 mi.) Turbo EquiBraid White$106.99
G621761,312' (1/4 mi.) Turbo EquiBraid White$181.99
G621754656' (1/8 mi.) Turbo EquiBraid(Green)$110.99
G6217741,312' (1/4 mi.) Turbo EquiBraid(Green)$187.99
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