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Portable electric fencing for sheep Portable electric fencing for Cattle

Strip-grazing an irrigated meadow with Suffolk sheep behind portable fencing.

Cattle contained with Turbo Wire (G620544) and Gold Foot Pigtail Treadins (204).

Portable electric fencing for pigs Portable electric fencing for horses

Swine are temporarily contained with Polywire (G620044, G620064) and HD Treadin Posts (G636054).

The Portable Horse Corral Kit (155)provides effective, portable electric fencing for horses.

Portable electric fence Horse Corral Portable electric fencing for Racoons, Skunks and dogs

The complete "in-a-bag" Portable Horse Corral Kit (155) contains a B-11 Energizer, a PortaReel with 165' of TurboEqui Braid, a ½" Galvanized Ground Rod 33' long, Insulgrip Gate Handle, and 10 Gold Foot Pigtail Treadins.

A garden protected from racoons, skunks and dogs with HD Treadin Posts (G636054) and Polywire (G620044, G620064).

Portable electric fencing - cow and calves  

A cow and calf contained by Polywire (G620044, G620064) and HD Treadin Posts (G636054).

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