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Wire and Underground Cable

Gallagher has a range of long life, highly conductive wire and underground cable for all permanent fencing systems.

Hi-Tensile Wire [A303]
Hi-Tensile Wire
12.5 gauge galvanized wire.
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XL Aluminum Wire [AXL17250]
XL Aluminum Wire
The most effective electric wire on the market with a lifetime guarantee against rust.
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EquiFence [G912064]
An ideal horse fencing solution for conductive or non-conductive fencing.
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Double Insulated Underground Cable [G609024]
Double Insulated Underground Cable
16 guage galvanized wire. Resistance of 160 Ohms/mi.
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XL Leadout Cable [G62793]
XL Leadout Cable
330', 12.5 gauge aluminum coated wire. Resistance of 19 Ohms/mi. Made for direct burial.
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HD Underground Cable [G627014]
HD Underground Cable
2.5mm, 12.5 guage galvanized wire. Resistance of 56 Ohms/mi.
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