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Universal 5? Offset Insulator

Product Image: Universal 5? Offset Insulator Features


  • Multi-purpose insulator able to be attached to both sides of a steel post or can be nailed to a wooden post.
  • Made from high quality, UV-resistant plastic for strength and long life.
  • The extended design holds the wire from the posts to keep animals away from the fence.
  • Pinlock clip allows for easy fence construction and wire removal.
  • Wide jaw design accommodates EquiFence™ and braid products.
  • Sturdy pin for superior wire retention.
  • Recommended for use on level ground. (For high tensile wire fencing in rolling country, Gallagher recommends the use of a wire offset (G662054).
  • 20 pack


Extra information
Warranty: 10 Years
Colors: White
Product Code: G694134
Price $14.99

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